Each year Millwood Home and School funds various educational programs and initiatives such as plays, presentations, and Scientist in the Classroom. These initiatives require financing as well as volunteers. Every lending hand counts – whether you buy something, donate money, time, food, or a combination of all, everything is greatly appreciated.

Please consider how you can support our children and their school!

Current Volunteering and donation opportunities can be found on the Home page

No time, don’t need more stuff, and not a baker?

Consider a one-time donation with Annual Giving.  

upcoming opportunities

Interested in labels for your family?  Millwood H&S has enrolled in the mabel's labels  fundraising program and will receive back a portion of every sales order placed.  Simply make your order via the fundraising portal at (or click the logo), and choose Millwood from the pull-down menu.  Easy ordering and free shipping.

Cookie Dough

2019-2020 TBD

Please note that as of the 2019-2020 School Year, QSP has ceased operating.

2017-2018 donations at work

Thank you for your continued support!

THANK YOU  for your continued support!

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