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Each year, the members of the Millwood Home & School Association must elect an Executive Committee to run the association's day-to-day tasks.  As per our bylaws (2018 rev.), there are 5 elected positions available for 2019-20:

- President 

- Vice President 

- Recording Secretary  

- Correspondence Coordinator

- Treasurer

PLEASE NOTE: As per OFHSA bylaws, you must be a paid member in good standing of the Home & School Association to run or vote for positions on the Executive.  All positions are for a 1-year term from June-to-June.



  • Understand and promote the role of Home & School Association, encourage and maintain strong relationships with the H&S Executive Committee and the members, and with the school administration.

  • Commit to attending the Home & School Association general and executive meetings (usually monthly during the school year).

  • Be able to qualify to obtain shared signing authority over the bank account.

President & Vice President 

  • Help prepare the meeting agendas

  • Chair meetings 

  • Ensure minutes are reviewed, recorded, and maintained

  • Encourage consensus among members and facilitate the resolution of conflict when needed

  • Establish and Participate in sub-committees when required

  • Communicate with the school principal/admin on behalf of the Home & School Association

  • Assist in developing policies and procedures 

  • Assist with the recruitment of new members and volunteers


Recording Secretary

  • Ensure the minutes of the meetings are recorded and distributed to those in attendance before the next scheduled meeting via email and post on the Home & School website once approved

  • Assist in developing policies and procedures when required          

  • Manage and create Home & School documents when required (bylaws, member list, etc.)
  • Maintain annual membership roster and forward updates and fees to OFHSA


  • Supervise and manage bank account activity 

  • Reconcile Home & School Committee revenue and expense activities to bank statement 

  • Keep organized records including monthly bank statements 

  • Keep records of all revenues and expenses including receipts 

  • Maintain spreadsheet to allocate revenue and expense activities to appropriate budget sub-categories and track/report monthly progress and financial status to Committee

  • Prepare annual budget 

  • Provide updates and financial status and present a current financial report, as well as the most currently available bank statement, at each Home & School Executive and General Meeting

  • Provide historical (past) budget reference information as needed and answer Home & School Association queries 

  • Make deposits of revenues & Issue cheques for expenses

  • Pursue payment/contact NSF cheque defaults as needed 

  • Submit books, invoices, receipts and statements for verification annually

  • Participate in sub-committees when needed

Additional Qualifications: Financial acumen and experience, Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and online banking.

Correspondence Coordinator:

  • Also referred to as the Volunteer/Hospitality/Social representative

  • Plan and promote all Home & School Association Events

  • Oversee the coordination of volunteers at the various H&S Events, designate leads and allocate resources

  • Encourage an open and welcoming atmosphere and help new members feel at ease

  • Responsible for Invitations and Thank-you notes

Additional Qualifications: Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and the website.


- Website Co-ordinator:

  • Create, manage, edit and update the Millwood Home & School website

  • Proficiency with web-based website design and desktop publishing is essential.

- School Council Representative:

  • Attend the Millwood school council meetings and provide an update on the status and activities of the H&S.

  • Usually appointed from among the elected Executive


As needed from time to time, the executive strikes committees to assist with various tasks, including Fun Fair, Grad, Pizza Lunch, etc.  These positions are not elected and need not be Association members, but still fulfill a vital need!

To Apply (1 per year, although roles may be shared among 2 people), please fill out the form below or email  and provide your name, email, and which position being applied for.

 Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the June AGM.  All Nominations require a mover & seconder.

Thanks! Message sent.

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