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kindergarten want list

Our 5 Millwood Kindergarten classes have a diverse set of needs that you can help with!

As teachers identify specific 'wants' for their classes, we'll list them here.  Contact us or any kindergarten teacher if you can donate any of these items.

Please note: items do not need to be new!

however, they must be in clean, working condition.

Metal 'hot wheels' Cars, Trains, Trucks

Plasma Cars (any colour)

Blocks,  Construction Toys

Children's Books (English or French)

Action Figures, Playmobil, LEGO

Little People, Play Houses & Accessories


Barbie Dolls and Accessories

Board Games, Puzzles, Kits


Arts & Crafts supplies, crayons, play-doh, pencils

hot wheels cars lot.jpg
plasmacar blue.jpg
IKEA storabo-rug-green.jpg

Please Note:  Stuffed animals, broken toys, or toys with missing pieces cannot be accepted.  TDSB rules prevent donation of any 'soft' items that cannot be cleaned/disinfected properly.

Any Questions?  E-mail us at

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