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Thanks for your support!  Our campaign is now finished.

Product Pickup Date  -  Tuesday March 27, 2018  -  Millwood School online ID:  3721917

Campaign Dates  -  February 7 - 21, 2018


Tasty Batters is made in Canada in a HACCP & BRC certified facility.  All the tubs have a tamper proof seal and pre-portioned products are cellophane wrapped and sealed.  Gluten Free and Peanut-Free options are also available.


Orders can be placed between February 7th and February 21st.  No orders can be accepted after that date.

Cookie dough orders will delivered on March 27 to Millwood Junior School.


Online orders are preferable, however if you don’t have a credit card, you can use the paper order form that was provided with the brochure.  The directions are provided on the form, these order forms must be received in the school office by February 21st.  Additional brochures and order forms are available in the Millwood School office.


Small orders of cookie dough can go home with your child at the end of the school day.  Larger orders will be difficult for children to manage, so making arrangements to pick it up or have someone else do so after school that day will be helpful.


If your child attends the YMCA program after school, the cookie dough can be kept with the child’s belongings until they are picked up that evening.

Go to: and follow the instructions   or     Click the 'QSP' Button Here-->

QSP Cookie Dough Campaign 2018!
QSP Magazine Campaign:  You can support this campaign all year by using our school Online ID:  3721917

THANK YOU for your continued support!
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