There is One Elected Officer position available on the Millwood Home & School Executive Committee:

- Treasurer (2-Year Term)

and Two Non-Officer, Appointed positions available on the Millwood Home & School Executive Committee:

- Events Co-ordinator (1-Year Term)

- Volunteer Co-ordinator (1-Year Term)

Positions are open to any Millwood parents/guardians with the following qualifications (as per our bylaws):

All Executive Committee members must:
i. be the parent/guardian of a current student at Millwood Junior School.
ii. not hold an elected position on the Millwood School Council at the same time
iii. have attended a minimum of 2 meetings prior to the Annual Meeting in the past school year.

Positions are held for the term indicated above.  You are expected to attend 2/3 of the general meetings held during the school year (6-9) and to be available to communicate by email between meetings.



  • Understand and promote the role of Home & School Committee and maintain strong relationships with school administration and Home & School Committee Executive Committee members 

  • Supervise and manage bank account activity 

  • Reconcile Home & School Committee revenue and expense activities to bank statement 

  • Keep organized records including monthly bank statements 

  • Keep records of all revenues and expenses including receipts 

  • Maintain spreadsheet to allocate revenue and expense activities to appropriate budget sub-categories and track/report monthly progress and financial status to Committee

  • Prepare annual budget 

  • Provide updates and financial status and present a current financial report, as well as the most currently available bank statement, at each Home & School Executive and General Meeting

  • Provide historical (past) budget reference information as needed and answer Home & School Committee queries 

  • Issue cheques for signature regarding expenses 

  • Make deposits of revenues 

  • Pursue payment/contact NSF cheque defaults as needed 

  • Submit books, invoices, receipts and statements for verification annually

  • Participate in sub-committees when needed



  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel 

  • Financial acumen and experience

  • Qualify to obtain signing authority over a bank account


Volunteer Co-ordinator:

  • Oversee the coordination of volunteers at the various H&S Events.  Use of the signupgenius website is essential.

- Events Co-ordinator:

  • Plan and promote all H&S Events, act as Liaison between the Executive Committee and the various Event Partners / Admin / Staff, delegate responsibility for specific events to various sub-committees as required. 

To Apply For Any Position (1 per year, although roles may be shared among 2+ people), please email:


Provide us with your name and email.  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the AGM.

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