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MILLWOOD Fundraising Campaign 2017-2018
The Millwood Home & School Association is proud to offer your child a rich assortment of programs and extra-curricular activities, all Thanks to our dedicated staff and parent volunteers!  Millwood students can participate in a variety of athletic events, clubs and school activities that enhance their educational experience.


What you may not know is that the school budget provided by the Toronto District School Board only covers the cost of essential learning materials.  At Millwood we pride ourselves on going above and beyond by providing valuable programs and activities via the budget of the Millwood Home & School Association.  

We've taken all the information and feedback from the Spring Fundraising Survey and put together a range of options this year to fund these additional education experiences!

Our complete 2017-2018 Annual Budget can be viewed under the "MEETINGS" tab.

Parents have opportunities to contribute in the way that they are best able and that is most meaningful to them and their families.

A Donation:

The Millwood H&S Investment in Education Program is asking for a suggested donation of $50.00 per child.

Online Payments by credit card are now available!

Go to:    or     Click the 'Donate' Button Here-->

THANK YOU for your continued support!
QSP Magazine Campaign:  You can support this campaign all year by using our school Online ID:  3721917
QSP Cookie Dough:
The QSP Cookie Dough Campaign will run from Feb 7th to Feb 27th**Order pickup is March 27th, 2018**

Mabel's Labels:    Interested in labels for your family?  Millwood H&S has enrolled in the mabel's labels  fundraising program and will receive back a portion of every sales order placed.  Simply make your order via the fundraising portal at (or click the logo), and choose Millwood from the pull-down menu.  Easy ordering and free shipping.

H&S Recently Approved Millwood Teacher Funding Requests:

Wellians Club, Jr Robotics / Coding Club, Reading Club (FR/ENG)

Meet Dash & Dot - the newest 'students' at Millwood!  These robots are the stars of the new Jr. Robotics/Coding Club (H&S donated)
YOUR 2017-18 Donations at Work: New Risers & Spin Bikes from H&S!
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