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Our whole school community came together for another spectacular Fun Fair and raised over $14,000! By donating either your time in helping, items for donation or coming out and having fun at the fair, you helped make this Fun Fair another smashing success!  



We would like to acknowledge and thank Mr. Pinkney, Ms. Lee, Ms. Malesevic and all the caretaking staff for all your work in helping us put together this year’s Fun Fair!  Thank you to the teachers too, letting us use your classrooms, your help in collecting all those raffle tickets and basket donations and the Wednesday envelope notes home to all the families.  All the staff who volunteered at the event, Mr. Osokin, Ms. Milosavljevic, Ms. McMullen, Ms. Dobson, Ms. Donaghey,  Ms. Hassan, Ms. Lulham, Ms. O’Gorman, Ms. Kribs, Ms. Slempers, Ms. Samayoa, Ms. Lisowski, Ms. Gorman, Ms. Park, Mr. Minifie and Ms. Glinos who spent many hours putting together an amazing room on her own. 

































Almost 100 families donated cakes! Many thanks to all of you!

Many thanks to Karen Andrews who again this year created even more new games for use in  the Games Room that we will enjoy and use for many more years!

We have made every effort to include everyone that sponsored, donated, and volunteered.  With such a long list, if anyone was inadvertently missed please accept our apologies..  






Catherine Weber and Stephanie Nyilas, Fun Fair Co-Chairs

On behalf of the Millwood Home and School Association

Fun Fair 2016

Karen Andrews

Thomas Beaman

Amy Ferguson

Brad Gibson

Katie Groulx



Julia Huttram

Shauna Kalirai

Karen Krawczyk

Dong Lee

Natasa Pirnat




Marisa Salituro

Susan Steele

P.G. Whitefield

Phil Weber

Glenna Alikakos

Kalli Alikakos

Aladdin Amira

Ramsey Amira

Tamer Amira        

Sam Andrews

Cyrus Arnold

Katarina Bajic    

Amanda Banks

Julia Barnes

Kathy Bauk

Allie Cade

Jordan Carvalho

Angela Clarkson

Sam Coulthard

Nicole da Gama 

Dilek Dag

Ivana Drndarevic  

Pam Duggan

Ethan Eichner

Janet Eichner

Toula Ernikos

Cyrus Fattahi 



Natalia Leitner  

Cherie Lemire

Susanne Lindh

Kathy Lougheed 

Allison Low-Ring

Catherine Lucas

Bojana Maric

Karolyn Mathews

Lisa McAvoy

Lori McKnight  

Chelsea Moore

Stephen Nyilas

Victoria Nyilas

Trish Omeri

Julie Page

Michael Panousis

Hima Patel

Sabrina Perez  

Ellicia Pigatsiotopoulos            Lina Rabashki

Tatiana Rafique

Danica Rajic

Olivia Reid

Frankie  Ricchio 

Jeannie Richardson 

Marilyn Sfyndilis

Riley Sgro                          

Ross Sikora

Clayton Smith  

Payton Smith       

Sandra Smith

Anna Stanford 

Emma Steele

Max Stokes

Claire Strome-Teasdale

Wendy Atkinson Wilton

Tara Wosik 

Callie Zellenrath   

Biljana Zuvela

Kira Vallance                   

Sasha Vasilijevic

Carolyn Vranesic

Insook Yeon






Chris Firmani

Nick Firmani 

Hannah Flynn       

Nadia Frost

Christa Glinos

Elaine Glinos

Laurie Graham-Keller

Alison Groulx

Jason Groulx

Jacob Guest

Darko Helc

Mae Herrera     

Erin Heywood

Mark Huttram  

Sarah Ignjatov 

Nenad Jemuovic 

Emina Jevtic

Ruby Joseph

Olivia Krawczyk

Mona Lee

Noah Lee

Shelly Leelin

Shelly LeFebvre





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