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Upcoming Home & School Events & Volunteer Information

We're always looking for volunteers to help out with our many yearly events, fundraisers, classroom help and more!  If you would like to volunteer, please email

Millwood Olympics - June 9th


This year, the Summer Olympic Games will take place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  Students will be learning about the Olympic Games at school. To coincide with these games, Home & School plans a Millwood Olympics event at the Centennial Park Stadium.  Students will take part in a fun filled day which involves participating in Olympic type events, just like the Olympic atheletes.  Volunteers will be required for this event.  Please contact Julia Huttram at

Millwood Tradition is for the grade 4 Parents to organize the Grad event, and then enjoy their grade 5 year off.

Grade 5 Graduation - June 22, 2017


It's hard to believe our children are in their final year at Millwood!

The Grade 5 Graduation Ceremony will be held at Silverthorn High School in the evening of June 22.

Each year the GRADE 4 Parents/Guardians contribute all of the food and volunteer their time.  

PAYING IT FORWARD allows the Graduating Class time to sit back and enjoy the event.  We hope that you will help us keep this tradition going.  

Please proceed to the signup portion and see where you can make a difference!

GRADE 5 Parents can help make this event special by submitting PHOTOS of your graduating kids through the Millwood years to:

Photos collected will be used in the yearbook or video to be enjoyed at the Graduation Ceremony and for years after.

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