Subway Order Form: September 2016 to June 2017

Millwood's Friday Subway Lunch program is one of the Home & School's primary fundraisers and is a great way to provide a fun and healthy meal for our children.

You can pick and choose not only the specific dates you would like your child to participate, but also a choice of different sandwiches, drinks and toppings/condiments for each lunch.  Simply fill out the the form accordingly.  

The Subway Lunch program is currently available to ALL students from JK through Grade 5. 

Each meal includes a sandwich and a drink for $5.  

After school starts, Subway orders can be placed for selected dates from September 2016 through to June 2017. 

Please ensure you complete the following steps to ensure your order has been completely sucessfully: 

  1. Complete the online form. 

  2. Print a copy of your subway order for your records. 

  3. Place a cheque or exact cash in a sealed envelope. (Cheques made payable to Millwood Home & School). Please also include your child's name and room number in the 'memo' area of the cheque.)

  4. On the outside of the envelope, write your child's name, room number and teachers name. 


Please contact  Stephanie Nyilas at with your questions. 

THANK YOU  for your continued support!

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