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Fun Fair Volunteers Needed:
Friday evening setup june 9, 5-8pm

Saturday june 10, 8:30am-5pm

The Fun Fair needs ~100+ volunteers - Can you help us?

Every volunteer has a place, and we have a place for everyone!  Positions are typically in 2.5 hr shifts so you can still enjoy the fun fair with your family!  Some examples of where you can help and how: 

  1. Set-up and Clean-up: Starting Friday evening 5:00pm, and until approx. 5:00pm Saturday afternoon

  2. Supervise a Room:  Assist hired workers & teachers with maintaining capacity limits.

  3. Assist with Outdoor Stations: Line control and smooth operation.

  4. Bouncy Castle: Help staffers ensure children remove shoes, and use the castle in a safe manner

  5. Parking: 'Guard' the main parking lot and ensure only fun fair workers and vendors have access.

  6. Crowd Control: provide directions to food and washroom facilities and assist with any problems that occur. 

High School Students welcome, and any hours spent will count toward your Volunteer Hours Diploma requirement!

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